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General OS Development

  Follow this links to find out more about OS Development
  Bona Fide OS Development
One of the best and largest sites. Lots of documents and sources
  Lowlevel - Das Magazin
A great german online magazine
  OSRC: The Operating System Resource Center
Lots of informations about kernel development, filesystem, ...
  OSRC: Disk and Disc Drives
All about drives and discs
  Distant Voices - Multitasking HowTo
A nice tutorial about multitasking
  Therx OS Development Library
Another Operating System with some good links
  VisopSys - OS Development
A small OS with some tutorials and links
Some Boards
  You've a question? Post it there:
  Mega-Tokyo Board
They always can help you...
  Bonafide Forum
The f orum of Bona Fide
  Quick Navigation
  Current Sourcecode
  FlachsOS Binaries
  FlachsOS SDK
  Other Hobby-Systems
  Windows ;)

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